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Mac Apple Butter Cookie - Blend -

Mac Apple Cider Donut - Blend -

Mac Apple Pear Pumpkin Pecan Cake - Blend - Fresh Mac Apple and sweet pear blended with a perfect blend of pumpkin and cake.

Manayava Cotton Candy Twist – Blend - My Manayava Twist blended perfectly with Cotton Candy Frosting.

Manayava Ice Cream Bread – Blend - Manayava Twist and Fried Ice Cream Bread. A great summer treat scent.

Manayava Noel – Blend - Manayava Twist and Vanilla Bean Noel.  A sweet fruity vanilla blend.

Manayava Twist – Blend - Tropical mango, papaya and Guava along with fresh picked strawberries and red raspberries. Add a touch of lime, lemon and sweet vanilla.

Mandarin Coconut- A wonderful tropical blend of mandarin oranges and sweet coconut!

Mandarin Marmalade Thumbprints -  Blend - Buttery fresh baked thumbprint cookies with a dollop of tangy mandarin marmalade.

Mango Berry Smoothie- Orange you glad you can skip the mall and still enjoy that fresh fruit smoothie smell? Freshly sliced Mango is delectably blended with summer-ripened Berries, and decadent Vanilla Ice Cream making a positively delicious smoothie scent.

Mango Coconut - Blend - Sweet mango, lemon and raspberries blended with fresh coconut.

Mango Cotton Candy Frosting – Blend -  Fresh mangoes and Cotton Candy Frosting. One of my new favorite blends!!

Mango Lime Smoothie - A creamy refreshing blend of fruits featuring Mango and Lime.

Mango Papaya Noel -  Blend - Juicy Mangoes and Papayas blended with Vanilla Bean Noel

Mango Papaya Guava- Super fruity! Juicy mangoes and plump papayas and fresh Guava.  Very fresh and fruity!!!.

Mango Paradise - A fresh crisp sparkling mango with hints of pear, peach, grapefruit & orange

Mango Sorbet- Sweet blend of mango, juicy lemon and red raspberries. Making this scent both tart and sweet.

 Mango Sunshine- This bright, fruity scent will make you feel as if you are biting into a fresh fruit salad of sweet peaches, tangy tangerines, juicy mangoes, and red raspberries. Positively mouth watering!

Mango Tangerine - tropical blend of mango mixed with zesty clementine's and red raspberries blended with sweet vanilla.

Maple Buttercream Zucchini Bread – Blend – Sweet sticky maple blended with creamy zucchini bread, topped with buttercream frosting!

Maple Frosted Blue Ribbon Cookies – Blend – Syrupy maple drizzled on Blue Ribbon Cookies 

Maple Frosted Pumpkin Bars – Blend- Pumpkin blended with nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg with drizzled maple frosting!

Monster Mash- We were working in the wax lab late one night, and this scent just seemed right. A frightfully delicious blend of sweet Boo Berry and fresh Strawberries, it's a true graveyard smash!

Oatmeal Scotchies - Fresh baked oatmeal cookies with a touch of spice and butterscotch chips.  Just like Grandma used to make.

Orange Cantaloupe - fresh orange with a hint of sweet Cantaloupe Melon

Orange Caramel Cake - The unassuming orange-flavored cake hiding coyly behind an extremely rich caramel buttercream icing

Orange Caramel Crumble – Rich yummy caramel blended with rich orange poundcake with even MORE caramel crumbles!!

Orange Caramel Zucchini Bread – Blend – Creamy zucchini bread mixed with bright orange and caramel crumbles!

Orange Chiffon Cake ~ Ripe, juicy Mandarin oranges blended with a creamy vanilla cake batter and nuances of crunchy nuts and soft butter

Orange Coconut Cake – Blend – Sweet blend of ripe orange zest and soft coconut grated on an unbelievable yellow cake! 

Orange Coconut Sherbet - Blend - Sweet orange sherbet blended with creamy coconut.

Orange Cotton Candy – Blend – Sweet pink cotton candy mixed with a zesty orange!

Orange Cranberry Muffin ~ Freshly baked muffin with the perfect combination of orange and cranberry.

Orange Cream Danish - notes of fresh baked danish, orange zests, and the aroma of drizzled cream frosting

Orange Dream Cake - Blend - Sweet orange, creamy coconut and white cake.

Orange Frosted Cranberry Blue Ribbon Cookies - Blend - The popular Blue Ribbon Cookies with fresh cranberries and orange frosting

Orange Juice Cake – Sweet orange pound cake with rich creamy vanilla and caramel! 

Orange Pink Chiffon Noel - Blend - Soft pink petals, sweet orange and vanilla bean noel.  This blend is divine!!

Orange Sherbet – Frozen orange sherbet that is guaranteed not to give you brain freeze!!

Orange Zucchini Bread – Blend – Creamy, warm zucchini bread with bright orange cooked inside!



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