I'm gonna need more soon !!! It's amazing stuff!! (Deep Treat Plus)

- Tessa

Hey Marie, It seems to be helping me some already and affording me to take walks now with my hubby! Putting it on first thing in morning and then at night after shower. It is helping!! Thanks Marie!

- Pam

I just have to share this because I am in total awe of these results!!! I have severe eczema on my hands. I have struggled with this for over 6 months now, and have tried literally EVERYTHING (vitamins, oils, prescription cream, steroids, etc) with absolutely NO relief. My hands were so raw and chapped I could not even put them under water, and they burned so badly! I have been using the CBD infused deep treat for 7 days now, and I cannot believe how much better they are! No burning, and no more pain! Thank you Marie Shepard Jones!

- Breana

Everyone needs to try the Body Balm!!!! Marie sent a sample home with me on Friday and even hubs likes it. Great pain relief!!

- Cindy

I had a cramp in the upper middle of my left foot last night that was keeping me awake. I put the Deep Treat Lotion on the spot and the pain disappeared.

- Patty

I found another great use for the oil/lotion. Apply after sunburn. Moisturizer and pain killer.

- Patty

Hi Miss Marie, I had to write to tell you that Patty sent me a few items from Long Cane Primitives. A small little balm was included. I first tried it out on my lip to see what it was. It had a pleasant minty heat to it. Later in the day I made a Clams Casino pizza and had a couple of glasses of Merlot. Lately , for some unknown reason, I have been getting a small headache over my right eye. I drank water thinking it might be dehydration, but to no avail. So I put some balm over the area that was troubling me. Within minutes the pain subsided. There ya go. First testimony from me. I wish you well in your business!

- Liz

Marie I need to order the body balm for my sister. She has RA n it really helped her pain.

- Elba

I've been using this on my back where I pulled a muscle and I notice a big difference. Thank you Marie Shepard Jones now I can move around better.

- Corina

I've been using the new CBD infused massage oil on my burning legs due to fibromyalgia. It drives me crazy! But this CBD oil really helps that burning. I'm impressed!! Thanks Marie! :)

- Sandi

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